Back in 2017, Matthew Patrick invited me to write for a YouTube channel he ran called The Game Theorists, and I’ve been a scriptwriter ever since. I usually describe that job as “writing about educational topics through a pop culture lens.” A few personal portfolio highlights from my time working there:

The Style Theorists

The Food Theorists

The Game Theorists

The Film Theorists

  • Marvel’s Ant Man and the square-cube law. I often describe the Theorist ethos of “tricking people into learning something interesting about the world.” Lots of people like to click on videos about Marvel superheroes, and that provides a great opportunity to give them a basic lesson on physics.
  • Ready Player One’s dystopian housing (and the impracticality thereof). This video two of my areas of interest: picking apart the impractical worldbuilding of science fiction settings, and structural engineering. (Before I was a scriptwriter, I studied mechanical engineering, and it’s nice that I occasionally get to use those muscles.) It’s also not-so-secretly a video about how building (non-dystopian) housing can actually be a lot cheaper than most people realize.
  • A 2020 collaboration with Neil deGrasse Tyson, who shares a passion for explaining science topics to a lay audience. This was fun to work on, and also led to a noticeable bump in traffic for Neil’s Star Talk channel.
  • Can you sue a superhero? A look at how the history of America’s qualified immunity laws would affect the canon of universes like Pixar’s The Incredibles.

The above list is by no means comprehensive; I’ve written around 150 videos across all Theorist channels. (This playlist contains some more of my favorites.) The videos I worked on can usually be identified by the presence of my name (Justin Kuiper) in the video description, though video credits didn’t become standard practice until around the start of 2019, so not all of the older videos I worked on in 2018 and 2017 have my name in the description.

In addition to working as a video scriptwriter for Theorist, I also spent around half a year working as a Creative Director for Food Theory (back when the channel was younger and that role that was a remote position), which mostly involved things like providing notes on, working with video editors and thumbnail artists, and working with advertisers.

Contact me:

Spending over half a decade writing videos that have collectively garnered around half a billion views has, by some definitions, made me a bit of an expert on a highly specific part of online video content. If this is a topic that you’re interested in discussing with me (either in a personal or professional capacity), feel free to reach out! My DMs are open on Twitter/X, but that site has become increasingly unreliable when it comes to sending notification, so probably the best way to get in touch is to email me (kuiperdesu at the google mail domain).

I’m also Kuiper on Discord, but due to the presence of spambots, I’m likely to ignore any Discord message requests unless we happen to share mutual servers or friends.