What I’m up to

I’m writing the script for Necrobarista, a narrative-focused game that I just got done showing off at PAX West. It’s a delightful game about a ghost cafe in Melbourne, coming to a PC, Nintendo Switch, or PS4 near you early next year. Watch the trailer if you want to be as excited for this game as I am (and while you’re at it, check out Necrobarista’s opening cinematic). The game will also be making an appearance at PAX Australia in October. (I won’t be at PAX Australia, but my colleagues at Route 59 will be there and they’re all lovely people, so you should definitely stop by to say hi.)

Idol Manager (which I’m writing and co-designing) just finished its Kickstarter and is now available for pre-order, with most Kickstarter rewards still available as pre-order items until early November when we enter beta. It’s a bit more realistic than your usual idol fare, confronting some of the darker and more scandalous parts of the industry. If you want to hear my voice explain the game to you for 10 minutes (and see some gameplay footage), watch the Kickstarter video.

Back in 2015, Winter Wolves hired me to write the script for a prequel to Loren: The Amazon Princess. This year, that game finally released as Tales of Aravorn: Cursed Lands. I love high fantasy but don’t get write in the genre often, so having the chance to work on this game was a real treat.

I recently had a chance to join Daystar Eld and Alexander Wales on the latest episode of Rationally Writing. I enjoy talking about writing and I’m an avid listener of the podcast, so as you might guess, I had a lot of fun recording this one. It was nice to have an excuse to plug in my old studio microphone and talk about storytelling since my own podcast (The Buzz) ended last year.

As for what I’ve been doing in my spare time, I recently dipped my toe into the web serial waters with Re:Dragonize, which is unabashedly LitRPG. Updates when I have time away from my other projects.

I don’t really tweet much, but Twitter is still probably the best way to get in contact with me if you’re trying to track me down at an event. If you’re old-fashioned, email works just as fine. Getting unsolicited feedback on my projects (no matter how old) always puts a smile on my face.

This page was last updated October 2018.