What I’m up to

I’m now done working on the script for Necrobarista, which is coming to Steam soon™, with a Nintendo Switch version planned for later in the year. Watch the trailer if you want to be as excited for this game as I am (and while you’re at it, check out Necrobarista’s opening cinematic).

Idol Manager (which I’m writing and co-designing) is now in beta, with updates rolling out on a monthly basis over the next few months until the game’s full release (which should happen some time in 2020). It’s a bit more realistic than your usual idol fare, confronting some of the darker and more scandalous parts of the industry, something I got to talk about in an interview awhile back. If you want to hear my voice explain the game to you for 10 minutes (and see some gameplay footage), you can watch the Kickstarter video.

In the spirit of dipping my finger into as many pies as possible, I also recently started a Youtube channel where I’m doing video essays, mostly talking about anime. The first video is about Death Note.

I have another blog for more frivolous posts that don’t quite rise to the level of “essay.” (That does not mean you should expect my posts there to be laconic.)

I don’t really tweet much, but Twitter is still probably the best way to get in contact with me if you’re trying to track me down at an event. If you’re old-fashioned, email works just as fine. Getting unsolicited feedback on my projects (no matter how old) always puts a smile on my face.

This page was last updated January 2020.